View Full Version : Nikkor lens / Copal shutter: does aperture dial lock in 1/3 steps?

Arthur Fleischmann
6-May-2009, 03:34

A quick question, just received a used Nikkor W 150mm lens in Copal 0 shutter I bought on eBay. I noticed the aperture dial wheel can be moved freely, there are no 1/3 stop "clicks". Sorry don't know how to explain this better... hope it's understandable. I am very new to large format and just wonder if this is the way it should be, I only used one other, older lens so far (Schneider Symmar S in Compur shutter) and the aperture dial on the compur shutter locked in 1/2 stop steps.

6-May-2009, 04:21
My factory equipped Copal Nikkors don't click. But aperture clicks were a optional feature on pretty much all recent shutters, so YMMV.


Steve Goldstein
6-May-2009, 04:21
In my admittedly limited experience, I've never found a Copal shutter with click stops. The only lens I have in a Compur does have this feature, though.

6-May-2009, 04:22
That's normal. None of the various makes of Copal shutters I own have steps like that for the aperture settings.

Arthur Fleischmann
6-May-2009, 04:28
Ok, thanks people that's what I was hoping to hear. :-)

Aender Brepsom
6-May-2009, 04:34
Don't worry, Arthur. Your shutter is fine. None of the Copal shutters have aperture clicks. The aperture lever (or wheel) always moves freely. Only the shutter speeds have clicks.

On Compur and Prontor Professional shutters, the aperture dial has clicks, but not on the Copals.

6-May-2009, 09:54
Schneider has added click stops (or asked Copal to add them) to some recent lenses. My 80SSXL that I got in January of '07 has them. They kind of bug me, actually, since none of my other lenses have them.

eric black
6-May-2009, 11:57
My 80SSXL also has the click stops on its Copal shutter

Per Madsen
6-May-2009, 12:52
My Schneider Apo-symmar L 120 mm also have a Copal 0 with 1/3 aperture click stops.

I have heard that the feature was originaly developed for the lenses Schneider have made for the Alpa camera.