View Full Version : Amidol Popsicle

Andrew O'Neill
5-May-2009, 18:41
I froze some Amidol and two weeks later, thawed it out and reprinted a negative on Lodima...Here are two images. One printed before freezing of the Amidol, and another printed with the thawed out Amidol...very very different results, wouldn't you say?

Jim Graves
5-May-2009, 19:07
Looks like it may have snowed while your Amidol was in the freezer!

John Bowen
5-May-2009, 19:11

The second print definitely has a cooler tone....

5-May-2009, 19:28
How did you do that Andrew??

5-May-2009, 20:29
I'm thinking you may have used too much glacial acetic acid in your stop.

Andrew O'Neill
5-May-2009, 21:15
Hi Darr,

I drew the snow and ice in photoshop...Photoshop is great from drawing.

5-May-2009, 21:31
Totally Cool!!! He He
....Next PS snow into the reflection also.