View Full Version : Puzzling unnamed f11 Goerz lens

John Schneider
4-May-2009, 00:20
I recently picked up this lens and haven't yet had a chance to test it. There's no name on the lens, just the f.l., f-stop, and s/n. I'm puzzled as to what lens design it could be.

The only f11 (in this focal length at least) Goerz lenses I'm aware of are the Trigor/WA Process/Argyle lenses, which were made in 14", 12", and 9.5". The Gotar is f8, the Artar is f9, the lens is too new to be an Alethar, and I'm not aware of a Trigor made shorter than 9.5". Of course I'm hoping it's a Trigor design. Any ideas?

Walter Calahan
4-May-2009, 06:12
Cute little bugger.

4-May-2009, 07:50
8 inch, f:11 process lens, you will need a shutter for it.
Nice lens though.
You will have to give it a try to see how it performs, preferable on a 8x10 camera.


4-May-2009, 08:04
Does this lens have an adjustable aperture? If not, it might be a faster lens design with a fixed stop to an appropriate working aperture.

Pete Roody
4-May-2009, 08:39
A trigor/dagor has 2 groups of 3 cemented elements. Shine a light on each group and count the number of reflections (large and small). You should have 2 of each. See: