View Full Version : Better book for the Darkroom?

emo supremo
2-May-2009, 13:55
I just purchased the new edition of a $40 book that I thought would be the best to have in my library. I have my old Zone V notes and wanted to modernize but am really disappointed by this book because the terms color reversal, transparency, CD-3, CD-4 (cd-2 is there), c-41, wet plate, platinum, ... well, I expected some more help with color and alternative recipies. The chapter on reversal processes I scanned but it seems interested in producing enlarged negs for contact printing from interpositives...(?) not my area. The page that supposedly has reversal recipies does not employ CD-3 which I'm sure was what I used 15 years ago before the ex and the lawyer took all those toys away.
Frankly, I haven't had time to play hide and seek for these terms so while I'm not saying the book is of use only for BW cooking I'm finding it hard to find these terms I'm more interested in. I returned it before the binding cracked.
Can anyone recommend a current cookbook of recipies for a person NOT interested only in BW but also in large format transparancies? I'd also like to attempt some of the alternative wet plate and the platinum printing process.

Gary L. Quay
2-May-2009, 23:46
I'm assuming that you are talking about the new edition of The Darkroom Cookbook? Your post doesn't actually mention the name. One of the issues with providing info about color process is availability of the chemicals to the general public. I'm not so sure that much of it is available. Someone could correct me if I'm wrong. My advice is to go to the Photographers' Formulary web site, and look at their book selection. They also have lots of info on the site as well, including alternative process kits and instructions. They may even have color chemicals.