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Luca Merlo
2-May-2009, 09:11
The shutter of my Nikkor 135 5,6 went bust and I think it will be quite expensive to repair it. I am then considering to buy a new lens as replacement and I found an interessting deal for a Schneider APO Symmar 120 5,6 L (new version). I would like to know:

1) If the coverage of this lens is similar to that of the Nikkor 135
2) If it a good lens for backpaking purposes
3) Where I can buy it in Germany or Austria

Thanks to all of you and best regards from Italy

Renato Tonelli
2-May-2009, 09:46
It is a good lens for backpacking because it is small and light; it is sharp. It is my experience that it will vignette with extreme movements. I do not know how it compares to the Nikkor 135.

Arne Croell
2-May-2009, 12:14
If the repair is too expensive, why not buy a new shutter? It is still going to be less than a new lens, and you just swap the cells and the aperture scale.
The coverage of the Nikkor is 72, so that gives you 196mm image circle at 135mm focal length. The Apo-Symmar L has 75, but since its only 120mm f.l., the image circle is 184mm (calculated values, not from experience). If you want the same or more image circle, you might want to consider the Linos/Rodenstock Apo-Sironar S 135mm, which also has 75 (207mm image circle).

In Germany, a great source for LF mail order is Christoph Greiner, he ships internationally:

3-May-2009, 01:54
and I think it will be quite expensive to repair it.

ask for a quotation... no so expensive compare to a new lens !
While i think the 120L is a superior lens, you can buy a second hand nikon for cheap via ebay...

3-May-2009, 08:53
Luca, I am in the opposite situation - I have a Nikon 135mm/5.6 which I would like to trade for a Schneider 120L. If you are interested, send me a PM or an email and we can take it from there.