View Full Version : What Is A "Black Beauty" Camera?

Eric Philbin
3-Sep-2001, 17:27
I was offered a "black beauty" LF camera w/o lens. What is this camera and how m uch should it be worth.



Bob Salomon
3-Sep-2001, 17:52
Wasn't this offered to ypu for something like $50.00 without lens when you asked for a "cheap" camera?

Ask the offerer what it really is.

You can't get a 45 for much less then that.

Erec Grim
3-Sep-2001, 18:23
The "Black Beauty" was the name of the Green Hornet's sleek, super-powered car. In it the Green Hornet and his faithful valet Cato chased criminals even the G-Men could not touch. (The green Hornet was actually Brit Reed, wealthy young publisher of the Daily Sentinel.)

I hope this helps.

Ken Burns
3-Sep-2001, 20:30
If Brit Reed was a newspaper publisher, maybe he named his car after the camera called the "Black Beauty."

Wayne Campbell
3-Sep-2001, 21:33
I have seen the term "Black Beauty" used umpteen times on eBay, often for the Seneca large format cameras which were finished in a satiny black.

Pete Andrews
4-Sep-2001, 05:08
Isn't it a song by Little Richard? Ohh! Black beauty, bam ba lam.

Sean Yates
4-Sep-2001, 10:13
I thought it was a book by Walter Mosely?

Andrew McPhee
4-Sep-2001, 10:42
I thought it was Max Mosely...

adam friedberg
4-Sep-2001, 12:48
a soporific. about $10 each street price.

4-Sep-2001, 18:34
Black Beauty was the name given to a very popular (black) pill that was widely abused by hedonistic drug addicts in years past. I can't remember if it was an upper or a downer.

4-Sep-2001, 19:12

5-Sep-2001, 15:57
The song was not "Black Beauty," and it wasn't Little Richard. Song was "Black Betty." Recorded, among others, by Kerner, Ray and Glover, three white guys who sang "the blues" way back when. They received much criticism as racists/exploiters for singing that song.

Kevin Kemner
5-Sep-2001, 16:40
The song "Black Betty" was truly immortalized in the 1970's by the band Ram Jam. I think the band's name says enough. As for the camera I think it is a generic label attached to any number of ebonized finished cameras.

Pete Andrews
6-Sep-2001, 09:22
I know it was Black Betty. It was a pun (almost), but I couldn't remember for sure the name of any of the hundreds of singers who must have covered it.

Victor Randin
7-Sep-2001, 09:05
Maybe it was Naomi Campbell:?}