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1-May-2009, 18:10
Does anyone know if rear curtains are interchangeable with a Graphic 4x5 Anniversary and Pacemaker Speed?

Ole Tjugen
3-May-2009, 00:55
Tangentially on topic:

Does anyone know where to get a replacement curtain for an Anniversary Speed Graphic?

3-May-2009, 06:25

i think either from another camera
or you have to ship yours to fred lustig in nevada
he and his wife have the special cloth, cutting dies and metal edging ...

good luck!


Wayne Crider
3-May-2009, 13:22
Tangentially on topic:

Does anyone know where to get a replacement curtain for an Anniversary Speed Graphic?

There was a thread back a year or so, either in this forum or perhaps Apug where a poster had mentioned a cloth available from Japan I believe. If Fred Lustig has it tho you might pay more but you'll get the right product.

3-May-2009, 18:06
Sory for being a novice on Graflex, but in the US there 2 compagnies that sell shutter curtain: www.microtools.com and on ebay Interslice.
The last one does not have it on sale on ebay, but send him a message and you will tell you what kind of curtain he has.


Paul Fitzgerald
3-May-2009, 20:37

"Does anyone know where to get a replacement curtain for an Anniversary Speed Graphic?"

Which style SpeedGraphic?
WWI with the release lever at the rear OR
WWII with the release button at the front?

I should have all the bits for the old style, your's for the asking. I was going to fit it to an Ansco 5x7 Studio but too many projects & no time.

Ole Tjugen
3-May-2009, 23:04
It's this one.
I believe it's an Anniversary, with Kalart rangefinder.
There are a couple of very small pinholes in the shutter curtain, which really only affects two tension settings - but I can never remember which two.

Since it's so nicely set up to use old barrel lenses, I use the FP shutter all the time. Otherwise I would use the lens shutter and ignore it, but then how could I shoot a Thompson Bros. casket set wide open?


BTW, Micro-tools are at www.micro-tools.com and www.micro-tools.de - they have a German office too. :)

4-May-2009, 05:12
There's a pattern online somewhere for making a new curtain, also see this book on Google books (http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=0cQzRxVlgeYC&pg=PA65&lpg=PA65&dq=thornton+pickard+shutter+repair&source=bl&ots=gg_xOhjNwt&sig=5I2XCKz8hs14kV7weF3ouXHFl0k&hl=en&ei=WmboScrDO52QjAeus_SeCg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5).

I've repaired the shutter & curtains on my pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic and also a Thornton Pickard shutter, I had to iron that blind flat after removing some flaking shellac type substance that was used to light proof it.. I used dilute black acrylic enamel paint to restore both sets of blinds. (Made by Polyvine in the UK (http://www.polyvine.com)).

Both shutters now work perfectly.


4-May-2009, 06:10
How about springs for tensioning the shutters? Mine seems kind of slack, and the local Calumet guy declined the opportunity to do anything about it. Are these available? Can they be changed by a total mechanical doofus, or should I bite the bullet and try the Lustig outfit?

Paul Fitzgerald
4-May-2009, 07:07

the shutter tension is adjustable on SpeedGraphics, any repair shop can reset it for you.


yes, that's the one and it's in fine shape, should be a straight drop-in. Building one from scratch is a pain. PM an address.