View Full Version : Whole Plate film in a Jobo 2500??

Jim Cole
1-May-2009, 14:11
Just starting to play with the whole plate film format and I use a Jobo 3010 on a motor base for my 4x5 stuff. Eventually I want to get a 3005 drum, but in the mean time....

Has anyone put a single sheet of whole plate film in a 2500 drum with no innards and had success with even development? I don't know of any reason this shouldn't work except maybe for excessive movement of the sheet while the drum is on the roller.


Harlan Chapman
2-May-2009, 21:01
Hello Jim,
I've only done this four times but it has worked nicely so far. Two sheets of whole plate film fit in my 2563 drum. They can be inserted so they fit against the little ribs in the drum wall. Worth practicing in advance with 2 sheets of something cut to size first though. The film has stayed put against the wall through the development, stop, fix and rinse. Surprised me since the fit is less positive than for 5x7 film (using different wall ribs).
I'm tempted to try taco processing 4 sheets in this drum but haven't worked up the courage yet.
Good luck,
And don't forget to put the center post in to keep the light out. Things don't go so well if you do that, I have proof.

Jim Cole
2-May-2009, 21:42

Thanks for the response. It's strange that my 2521 tank has ribs, but is obviously too short for whole plate film while my 2553 that I was planning on using is completely smooth on the inside. I'm thinking that it may be OK for one sheet at a time. If the sheet slides around, what's it gonna hurt?

Thanks for the tip on the center post...I know I would have forgotten that.