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1-May-2009, 09:38
I used to send all my stuff to Carls Darkroom in New Mexico but it has recently been purchased by DigiGrpahics in Fort Collins CO. Has anybody had any experience with DigiGraphics. I had very good results for Carls but these guys are new to me so thought I would ask around first.

Thanks in advance

Warren Clark
1-May-2009, 13:46
Hi jp,

I've had DigiGraphics do all my E6 processing for the past several years
with excellent results. They are a full spectrum pro lab and have a wide
customer base locally and regionally with good customer service. Ask for
Marsha or Les.

Good shooting,

Warren Clark
Ft Collins, Colo.

Mike Tobias
1-May-2009, 17:17
I've worked with DigiGraphics from time to time over the years, and have been very happy with their film services, but always found their digital printing a bit lacking (but then again, I'm very picky so YMMV). Overall, a very professional outfit and have always been responsive to my requests. Just my 2 cents.


2-May-2009, 09:25
Thanks for the quick response guys. I'll be sending some stuff there way shortly


Les De Moss
4-May-2009, 13:56
".... but always found their digital printing a bit lacking (but then again, I'm very picky so YMMV)...."

You should be picky when using a professional lab!

We offer a wide range of Digital Printing services from uncorrected proof prints and print-ready services, which are printed as received, to elite Exhibition prints that are painstakingly hand crafted with the full involvement of the client. I am left to wonder which digital print service, or services, was found to be lacking.

If you made a purchase from us that you are not satisfied with, we'd like a chance to correct it, or refund it. There is no joy on our part in accepting payment for a job that is deemed unsatisfactory. This has always been our policy.

The issue of quality, especially in digital printing, is rarely due to our capabilities- which are extensive. More often than not, it has its roots in service selection and how well our customer service staff has provided guidance given a particular client's expectations and requirements. Perhaps it was a combination of these things what led to your experience.

I can be reached at 970.482.8595. Please do not hesitate to call concerning this or any other matter dealing with the work we produce at DigiGraphics.

Les De Moss
DigiGraphics LLC