View Full Version : Mass Developing chart on iphone/ipod

Derek Kennedy
1-May-2009, 07:26
I ran across (or is that acros!) from another forum, thought someone here might be interested in this information:

The Massive Dev Chart - iPhone/iPod Touch

We are delighted to announce the release of The Massive Dev Chart for
iPhone/iPod Touch.

Developed by Martin Man, this is a full-featured application with a
multiphase timer which provides a graphical and numeric countdown of
all the steps needed to go through development, stop bath, fixing and
final rinse. Data from the Massive Dev Chart provides built-in
development times which, along with all other processing steps, are
fully user-configurable and can be saved as favorites to provide
maximum convenience.

The application is located in the Photography section of the iTunes
store, or can be purchased by following this link:


Didnt notice until after posting, its apparently $5.99

Oh, I would like to add I have absolutely nothing to do with the app in any way shape or form, nor do I have anything to do with Martin Man - I'm just passing this info on from another forum that I happen to run across.

Nathan Potter
1-May-2009, 10:05
Handy and informative chart but for precise control you really need to do your own exposure and development calibrations based on your own processing equipment.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.