View Full Version : compact lenses for crown graphic

Brian Legere
3-Sep-2001, 16:19
What modern style lenses will fold up into a Crown Graphic?I like to be able to fold the camera up when hiking.I would prefer a coated lens and a modern shutter.

Gary Frost
3-Sep-2001, 22:31
I have a super graphic, with similiar clearance for folding it up with the lens on. You should have no problem with the 'normal' focal range f/5.6's: Sironar S 150, 135, Symmar S, etc. I also have a Fuji A 240 f/9 that fits. A Nikkor 90mm f/8 will not fit though: the front element is too wide to fit between the rails when folded.

3-Sep-2001, 23:17
If you are into a fast lens try the 135mm schneider xenar 3.5...its small and folds up nicely into the camera. An all around good lens! And bright! Regards, Emile