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30-Apr-2009, 16:15
Hi there,

Has anyone got the link to a download of blank data sheets as seen in Daniel Geiger's large format camera bag?

I think the link was up a few weeks back; since I downloaded them my PC was very poorly :p and they got wiped!

Info on the sheets included:

Subject description/sketch of scene, occasionally also on back of sheet.
a place for serial numbers that correlate with my image data base.
GPS long and lat.
Bellows extension
Bellows factor/magnification
Rows for Rise, Swing, Tilt, and Shift (No "fall" on Arcas), for Front and Rear standards.
Metering (incident, reflective, how, ...)
Filters (e.g., 81, Pol, Center)
Exposure factors from bellows draw and filters
Reciprocity errors for long exposures.
Two sets of five boxes of Film with Exposure, F-stop, [QL number, Film number: don't really use those]. Five box-sets allows for series with nominal exposure, +/- 2/3, +/- 5/3, for two different films. Usually I only use one film and nominal plus +/- 2/3

Cheers, in advance.


Doremus Scudder
1-May-2009, 02:21

Make your own! Anyone with a modicum of familiarity with a word-processing program can tailor-make data sheets for their individual needs. Look at what others have done and then mix & match.

Have fun,

Doremus Scudder

evan clarke
1-May-2009, 07:24
I put all this info on one little strip of gaffer's tape which is stuck to the holder. It leaves no residue when pulled off and can transfer to a glassine envelope or to a box if you need to reload in the field. I use colors of tape to represent emulsions...Evan Clarke