View Full Version : newbee need help 4x5

jim williamson
29-Apr-2009, 19:11
AS ststed, new to 4x5. I have Graflex and lots of film holders, I have loaded , practiced and loaded more!
How do you UNLOAD in the dark without touching the film!?? I know it seems stupid, but is there a way to do this easy??:( :(

29-Apr-2009, 19:31
Wear cotton gloves.

Vick Vickery
29-Apr-2009, 19:43
Just grab the very edge to remove from the holder, handle by side edges when inserting into developing holders, etc.

Walter Calahan
29-Apr-2009, 19:45
Don't worry about it. When the film hits the pre-soak, any fingerprints wash away. Or wear cotton gloves as mentioned above. Best to handle all film by its edge, even with gloves.

jim williamson
30-Apr-2009, 10:45
Thanks, I will work on it!!

30-Apr-2009, 13:27
I do what Vick does. Just keep a fingernail a little longer so you can get it under the sheet. I made the mistake a few weeks ago of cutting my nails very short before I needed to unload 10 holders. Very frustrating. On the bright side, I didn't scratch any.

Bob McCarthy
30-Apr-2009, 14:19
well washed (no skin oils or soap oils) with ordinary soap and dried well eliminates any issue.

Knowing your holders well , ie, where the fingernail indent is w/o rooting around is helpful.


John Kasaian
30-Apr-2009, 15:08
You can feel free to touch the non emulsion side the a sheet of film. You kind of have to do this with 8x10 film to kepp it from getting all loosey goosey.