View Full Version : Packing 4x5 film

29-Apr-2009, 17:02
How do you pack your 4x5 sheets in when you send it to a lab for processing?
Do you just put it in a filmbox or is it better to put every single sheet in a cover?

mark from europe

29-Apr-2009, 18:32
I pack them in a regular 3 part 4x5 10 sheet box.
99% of the time i have no scratches at all. Its only when the box is really shaken that i may see something. But its very rare and usually happens when i walk around with it for a few days in my bag.
Sometimes, i place them back into the plastic or paper bag that came with it. Its another buffer.
Putting them into individual covers might scratch them even more. You will also spend a lot more time placing them into the covers.

30-Apr-2009, 06:16
thank you Ian!