View Full Version : Jobo repair

Michael Alpert
29-Apr-2009, 10:51
The seal around the drain plug at the end of my Jobo CPP-A has developed a slow leak. I have no experience in trying fix a leak in a plastic device. What would you use to fix it? Also, where have you sent your Jobo processors for servicing? Do you have your motors serviced locally or do you send them somewhere (that is, somewhere other than Omega)? I am sure that many of you will agree that these very fragile contraptions are both weird and wonderful.

Bjorn Nilsson
29-Apr-2009, 10:56
I used some silicon sealant which was the same I used when fixing up my bathroom. (Or was it the tube with, again silicon, for "glueing" glass sheets together, as in aquarium glue.) It behaves much like a rubber gasket with some flexibility.


29-Apr-2009, 12:29

Have you tried tightening the nut on the inside of the spigot yet? If not, then remove the cover and reach back and tighten it. I broke the "seal" on my CPA2' by inadvertently moving the outside spigot when attaching a drain hose but retightening the nut on the inside of the unit fixed the problem.

Also, make sure that the spigot's valve is completely closed. On my unit this requires some elbow grease. I once noticed that I got a small intermittent and pulsating leak directly from the spigot even though I thought I had closed the valve. Turned out I needed a little more force in closing the valve. I've been printing color for the past few evenings and have left the unit filled with water. Not a drop has escaped from the spigot (I keep a sponge under it) but the volume has decreased daily due to evaporation.