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Gene McCluney
29-Apr-2009, 08:01
Continuing my experiments with X-ray film as camera film. I got some CXS Green Sensitive film. It says "Made in USA, assembled in Mexico"

Who in the USA still coats Xray film? I thought Kodak sold its X-ray unit some years ago?
Someone mentioned Konica? Do they coat X-ray film in USA? Just curious.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
29-Apr-2009, 08:31
My understanding based on a conversation with someone at CXS was that Konica makes most if not all of the generic brand xray film, including physicians choice and the CXS brand. I don't know any more about it, although I once found a chart on the web listing the various generic brands and sensitivities, and showing their Konica code.

some details here: http://www.konicaminolta.com/medicalusa/products/film_products/physicians_choice_films/index.html

29-Apr-2009, 16:38
In my wading thru google, several sites offered Konica, but one had entered "no longer manufactured" in the Konica section.
Agfa xray division is now part of General Electric
Fuji, for sure in NDT, but that doesn't count so it's a maybe for medical
Kodak shows up as "Kodak xray film" and as "Kodak house brand xray film"

29-Apr-2009, 16:51
Try here for the konica NLM statements and Kodak numbers