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JV photo
29-Apr-2009, 00:04
Hello Friends.

I am new to the large format world of photography. i need your following help...

Currently i am using my sinar back on Hasselblad 503. what i need is to use same back with hasselblad mount on sinar P2 via sliding back adaptor. this will help me in switching from medium format to large format and vice versa.

i know its possible to use. any brand makes sliding adaptor apart from Sinar?. and hows the result and what are its limitation?

Thanks for your help.


Larry Menzin
29-Apr-2009, 04:04
Kapture Group makes good sliding back adapters.

Bob Salomon
29-Apr-2009, 04:43
Linhof has an adapter for their sliding backs for the M679 series to fit Sinar.