View Full Version : information wanted about the 105mm Nikkor- M lens

Raymond L. Fenio
12-Oct-2001, 21:22
Is anyone familiar with the quality of the 105mm 3.5 Nikkor- M lens. I know it was designed for 2x3 cameras but that is about it. Any info. appreciated. Ray

Brian Yarvin
12-Oct-2001, 23:44
Nikkor M lenses are smaller and lighter lenses with a bit less covering power. (I don't reccomend trying it with 4x5)

I bought one of these lenses new in 1984 when I wanted something modern for an old 6x9 Graphic. It has served me well since then with excellent sharpness and great color. I still use it frequently.

A truly wonderful lens with a special place in my heart.


Paul Minkus
14-Oct-2001, 14:39
Ray, I think we both use the VHR and have communicated about that before. I have a 100mm Apo-Symmar on my 6x9 that is as sharp and rich as any lens that I have seen. You might want to consider purchasing one. I would imagine that the Nikkor would be quite good as well.