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28-Apr-2009, 16:38
Proud (so far) owner of a Wista/Zone VI 4x5 field. I ordered 2 lens boards from KEH for this, which arrived today. Imagine my surprise when they were too big for the camera! I foolishly assumed that Zone VI boards would fit my Zone VI.

The boards are 4"x4". Measuring on the camera, the recess is 3-13/16" wide by 3-7/8" tall. The depth at the lower clip and upper sliding latch is 1/8".

I'm assuming that the dimensions for these changed over time with the Wista cameras? Mine has a nameplate on the front labeled "Zone VI Studios Inc. Newfane, VT" and on the back is labeled "Wista Co. Ltd, Made in Japan, No: 51125"

The boards I bought are wood, quite beautiful and appear to be in excellent condition. At the risk of runining them I could try cutting them down in size, but they also appear to be too thick to fit behind the clip and sliding latch.

Are there varying sizes of lens boards for the Zone VI? Or were the boards from KEH simply mis-identified? I fear I am looking at having boards made to fit.



Gem Singer
28-Apr-2009, 16:54
The camera that you have is a Wista wooden folding flat bed field camera that was modified by Fred Picker and re-badged as the Zone VI field camera.

I seem to remember that Fred beefed up the tripod mounting plate on the baseboard, but he did not modify the lens board mount.

The later version Zone VI cameras were made by Ron Wisner, and finally by Zone VI, themselves.

You received 4X4 wooden lens boards that were made for the later version of the Zone VI camera.

Wista cameras take Linhof Tech-type metal lens boards. They are readily available. Perhaps KEH will replace them.