View Full Version : Wista parts needed

Michael Ackerman
28-Apr-2009, 12:37
I dropped my Wista SP field camera and broke the small(tiny) screw that holds the keeper for the bellows on the front standard. I have also lost the washer and keeper. I have spoken with Marflex and the wait seems interminable. I have also spoken with Richard Ritter (he actually has the front standard right now and has removed what was left of the screw from the it) he suggests getting the parts I need from marflex.
But I thought someone here might have some spare bits.
What I need: that tiny screw and washer and the little keeper its self.
I also bent the fixed portion of the mechanism on the bottom that attaches the standard to the dovetail way on the body. I have bent it back but would like to replace that as well.