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27-Apr-2009, 11:07
I have just purchased an Ektar 152mm lens with a Supermatic X shutter. I would like to know what size lens board hole I need for this lens, please. Thanks in advance.

Jim Graves
27-Apr-2009, 12:04
My 152 Ektar in a Graphex shutter is a Copal 1 ... 41.6 mm.

27-Apr-2009, 12:10
I cut a 1- 7/8 hole for mine- and I'd say that's about 1/32 bigger than the raised part of the retaining flange
1 13/16 is tite over the threads on the shutter

27-Apr-2009, 12:12
my supermatic (X) has a pin off the back to keep the shutter from rotating on the board, so you'll need a little hole for that or a standoff washer to defeat it.

Jim Graves
27-Apr-2009, 12:14
Just found the one I have in a Supermatic ... measurement agrees with Ed's ... and ditto on the pin (the Graphex shutter doesn't have one.)

27-Apr-2009, 12:45
On My Supermatic There Is A Screw, I Just Removed It. But If Your's Is A Pin, Then Eds Idea Is Best Use A Spacing Washer. Btw The 152 Ektar Is A Nice Lens.
Good Luck Joe A

1-May-2009, 16:11
I thought I read somewhere that you can just remove the pin...I did that on a 127mm Ektar I picked up a few months ago...I made my own lensboard for my Zone VI camera and wasn't sure it I would have to drill or shim to allow for the pin...then I read that I could just take it off...
So far no problems...