View Full Version : NikKor 270 vs Nikkor 300 for Horseman vhr

Hugh Sakols
25-Apr-2009, 11:51
I am interested in finding a good lens for my Horseman VHR that is a jump above 180mm. Right now i'm looking at a Nikkor 270 F6.3 T ED and a Nikkor 300 F9 Nikkor M. Other than price, how different are these lenses . Would the 300 m be too long for the horseman vhr? Can I use any 80mm x 80mm lens board or would it be best to mount one these lenses on a horseman board? I don't want to spend more than I really need to. I like to shoot landscapes with Fuji Velvia.


Oren Grad
25-Apr-2009, 12:01
Here's the Horseman lens compatibility list, which includes notes on special lensboard requirements:


The list says that the 300 M is usable, but on a VH-R your close-focusing ability is going to be pretty restricted because of limited bellows draw. Off the top of my head, I think you'd have to draw the front standard all the way out and add some back extension even to focus at infinity.

Dan Fromm
25-Apr-2009, 13:32
Hugh, I've used, at various times, a 300/10 Apo Saphir and a 305/9 Apo Nikkor on my 2x3 Speed Graphic. Both lenses on LTM tubes in front of a #1 shutter on the front standard. The shutter was a relatively large expense, necessary because the Speed's FPS' slowest timed speed is 1/30, and the SKGrimes mount adapter was another.

One way to use, say, a 300 M in shutter, on a short camera is to hang it on a or several LTM tubes in front of the board. Doing this will require a female #1 to male LTM adapter to attach the shutter to the tube(s) and an LTM flange to hold the tube(s) to the board.

The important news for you about my rig is that vignetting isn't a problem at infinity with enough tube(s) for either lens to go to 1:10. A 270 mm tele would be more comfortable on a little 6x9 press camera than a 300 mm lens of normal construction. My 12"/4 TTH tele (not in shutter, so not for your VHR) is an easy fit on the Speed.

For lenses longer that ~300 mm I use a tandem Graphic -- a Speed and a Century with a coupler between them to keep the dark in. The longest lens used so far on the tandem is a 480. I recently got a 610/9 Apo Nikkor (really wanted a 600/9 Apo Nikkor, but they're very rare and the 610 wasn't very expensive) that should cover 6x7 but not 6x9 at infinity on the tandem.

Good luck, have fun,


Jeff Keller
25-Apr-2009, 16:10
The Horseman catalog I have lists the VHR front bellows extention as 249mm max. I measure about 9.5" = 241mm. Rear bellows extention is specified as 23mm max. If you build out the extention with a lens tube you could use a 300mm but don't plan on doing any close-ups.

I believe the longest lens Horseman sold was a 210mm. The longest Super ER lens was 180mm. They also sold a 2x teleconverter that was matched to their 150mm lens.

Jeff Keller

Jim Rhoades
28-Apr-2009, 13:04
The list that Oren refered you to will give a number for a special lens board for the 300 Ronar/Nikkor M etc. I have not been able to find one. Still looking in case anyone wants to sell one. A Fuji 300 Tele fits in the #0 board with 8mm offset quite well. But... After testing the tele to a 240 Germinar the 240 is so much sharper that I would rather enlarge some more than use a lesser lens. My 240 in the #1 board with 8mm offset will focus to just under 15 feet. It works for me. This is with the 4x5 HD. I don't know about a Nikkor Tele but I have a 270 Tele Arton That cannot cpmpete with the 240 either.