View Full Version : 8X10 Protective Bag, Soft Case or Hardcase

24-Apr-2009, 11:16
I have a Chamonix 8x10 and will be doing some trips. I'd like to get a case or bag that isn't too big or bulky to fit the camera. I'd prefer not to have a backpack but could possibly do a Pelican case.

24-Apr-2009, 16:34
I use an Arca Swiss Discovery case....I get my shen hao 8x10, 5 holders lens and cloth...I use a simple cloth bag to carry extra holders if necessary. Don't know if you could find one...or something similar.

Drew Bedo
24-Apr-2009, 19:05
I use a LowePro Super Treker to hold My 8x10. Its an older modelo and I wish it had wheelesd. For air travel, I put that padded bag into a larger Pelican case, lock it and check it through. Don't want to check it, but really haave to. I think that this combination would have survived the crash-landing in the Hudson River.

25-Apr-2009, 09:53
It is the backpack you don't think you want, but I use a Kelty P2 pack with cases from Photobackpacker.com for daily use and travel. With the side pockets and smaller accessories removed from the pack I have been able to carry the back on the airlines without any hassling (haven't tried a regional jet, don't think it would work) and fit it into the overhead bin, thus avoiding the checking and wandering TSA hands issues. Works up to 8x10 without a problem; Bruce at Photobackpacker is great at helping customize solutions for individual needs, and does have both smaller and larger backpacks available. No personal connection, but I am a very highly satisfied repeat (repeatedly so, in fact) customer of Bruce.

28-Apr-2009, 13:23
I recently looked at bags and bought a Think Tank Photo bag for my 4x5. I use a backpack for the Chamonix 8x10, but I liked some of Think Tank's shoulder and airport bags and think they would work for a Chamonix. The shoulder bag was called urban disguise.