View Full Version : Monobath -- feeling Lazy

Dean Lastoria
12-Oct-2001, 14:13
So, I'm feeling lazy (flu you know) and I'm in the library at lunch and I see th is book; Monobath Manual by Haist. I think that would make life so easy. I conta ct print 4x5 and 8x10, so I can loose a bit of quality from time to time. The book talks of specific formula for specific film but was written in 1966 and all but tri-x are dead and I'm sure that has evolved. So, my question is: has a nyone tried this, and if anyone has used Haist's MM-1 for HP5/FP4 how did you al ter it? And finaly, I've never mixed my own, is there anything I can do that wou ld blow up in my face? Thanks Dean

Steve Wiley
12-Oct-2001, 22:56
Dean- "The Film Developing Cookbook" by Steve Anchell has a section on monobath developing and give suggestions and times for modern films. The ingredients are fairly innocuous, but rubber gloves and a dust mask are still a good idea.

Dean Lastoria
15-Oct-2001, 14:50
Thanks, I'll track down a copy. Dean