View Full Version : Difference between Kodak E100G and EPP

Diane Maher
24-Apr-2009, 04:40
I was looking at getting some more transparency film and was wondering what is the difference between Kodak E100G and EPP? I am planning to shoot primarily landscapes with it in 8x10.

24-Apr-2009, 06:14
Wish I could tell you. I shoot E100G now as my primary film and can compare it to Astia and Provia, but haven't used EPP.

Gene McCluney
24-Apr-2009, 06:43
I have used Kodak EPP exclusively for decades for color transparency film in 4x5. It is a slightly warm, slightly saturated (as compared to normal) film that suits me.

Don Dudenbostel
24-Apr-2009, 10:18
The E100G is a tabular grain and the EPP is a traditional grain film. I shot EPP in all sizes through 11x14 for product work for many years and when the newer E100 came out I adopted it. I always felt the EPP was a little less saturated than Provia and slightly more grain and found the E100 to be finer grain and better saturation. I haven't used E100 for a while other than some I had in the freezer. When I was using it regularly I liked the E100G for products and the E100GX for shots involving people. The GX has a slightly warmer tone. I also used E100VS which is very saturated as is Velvia but the VS is lower contrast than Velvia and much more usable when skin tones were involved. Highlights and shadows remain open with the VS under conditions where Velvia would blow out and block.

I don't think it's available any more but I really loved the EPR 64 iso over EPP 100 iso. EPR was more saturated but not harsh. Great for product and fantastic for skin tones.

If you're looking for a really fine E6 film try Fuji Provia or Astia if you are scanning. Provia has become my standard along with Astia when lower contrast but saturation is needed. Per my Fuji rep Astia was designed for scanning.