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Alan E. Barton
1-Sep-2001, 13:21
Im just about to switch from 11 x 14 mat boards for my 10 x 8 contact prints to 14 x 18-just too cramped on the 11 x 14. I had been using fully finished frames (ie no work!) in black wood. Now it seems no-one makes ready to use frames in th e 14 x 18 size-Ive looked in Light Impressions and a couple of other places. Any sources Im missing or am I destined to buy the parts and make up the frames mys elf?


Alan Barton

Carl Weese
1-Sep-2001, 13:28
Check Light Impressions again. In their latest catalogs they show custom size wo oden frames fully assembled. I think the price wasn't much different from metal section frames.

Dave Willison
1-Sep-2001, 14:58

I would buy black maple hardwood frames (Style 5900) from Daniel Smith. The cost should be about $23 for 2-14" and 2-18" framing strips. The framing strips are joined with wood glue and a hard plastic spline which slides into pre-cut slots in the framing strip. The assemly work takes about five minutes, although you will probably need to let the glue dry overnight. Daniel Smith also offers a variety of wood frame profiles and finsihes, including black, natural, mahogany, and unfinished.


Merg Ross
1-Sep-2001, 15:05
This is not a precise answer to your question but related to framing and presentation in general. A good source is United Mfrs Supplies (www.unitedmfrs.com). They offer archival products at reasonable prices.

Richard M. Coda
2-Sep-2001, 12:18
Try American Frame http://www.americanframe.com/ They have two styles available in any size, assembled. Try the "Maple" and "Econo Wood" series. I have used them and find them a nice alternative to going to the frame shops.

Also, consider 14x17" vs 14x18" for 8x10. 14x18" seems too "long" to me for 8x10.


Sal Santamaura
4-Sep-2001, 11:59
Ditto for me on using 14x17, not 14x18.