View Full Version : Ilford Paper exposed in border

23-Apr-2009, 16:34
I have some 16X20 fiber multi-grade that developed the image fine and also gave some black marks randomly in the border where the easel prevented light from exposing the paper. It didn't affect the main part of the print. Anyone seen this before?

23-Apr-2009, 18:36
I have an older (1970s) easel that uses a metal tab under which one edge of the paper is slipped; the four blades then come down to mask off the edges. I will occasionally, on almost any brand or type of paper, see narrow black marks on the white edges, caused by the sharp edges of the hold-down strip which scratch the emulsion. Depending on the design or your easel, you could be seeing the same thing.

Gem Singer
23-Apr-2009, 19:11
Are the black marks caused by exposure to light, or they caused by dirt, ink, etc. coming off of the underside of the easel blade?

If they are from light, check to see that the easel blade is not bent in a way that would prevent it from laying down flat against the paper. This would allow light to flash under the blade and expose the paper under the blade.

24-Apr-2009, 04:02
Thanks for the notes I will check out the easel! I use a couple at a school darkroom and will have to check each time i check them out of the stockroom