View Full Version : Toyo and Calumet 8x10 Bellows Compatable?

Eric Boutilier-Brown
1-Sep-2001, 12:34

I have a Toyo 8x10G, and am looking for a used bag bellows for it; someone menti oned in passing that the Calumet/Cambo cameras used the same bellows as the Toyo ...any one know if this is the case or not? I have yet to see a Toyo BB come up for sale used, so if I could use a Calumet/Cambo, I'd more then double my chance s of finding one!



Eric Boutilier-Brown Halifax, NS, Canada


adam friedberg
1-Sep-2001, 14:25
the 4x5 bellows frames aren't the same so i'd think the 8x10's aren't either. used toyo 8x10 bags are very scarce but they do come up on ebay once in a while (i've seen two in the last yearwithout specifically looking for them). toyo stuff is much cheaper in japan if you can find a contact. also look into robert white in the u.k. you might pay the same for a new bag as a used one would cost in the u.s.

Charlie Stracl
5-Sep-2001, 22:27
Just call or e-mail Calumet. They will be happy to tell you if it will work.