View Full Version : Agfa 8x10 field modification.

22-Apr-2009, 08:04
Hi - I have recently got hold of an Agfa 8x10 field camera, although it doesn't actually fold up.

I read somewhere that the lip that holds the front standard square on to the subject could be removed to give the camera left/right swing. The camera needs a little attention as some of the movements are slightly out of adjustment and I could do this (or get it done) while the camera is disassembled.

Has anyone done this? Is it recommended or not?

I can post picture(s) if that would help.

Thanks for any help and advice.

nn :)

Mark Sampson
22-Apr-2009, 09:22
I did this to my grey Ansco 8x10, which may be similar or identical. All it took was to remove the metal lip from the base of the front standard, along which the standard was designed to shift. With the lip removed, loosening the lock allowed the front standard to swing freely as well as shift. That was near the beginning of my view camera experience, and I thought more movements would be better. In practice, it didn't make much difference; I can't remember using the front swing a whole lot, and it made a worn-out, rickety camera that much more so. It won't destroy the camera, and it may help with DOF issues, so go for it if you want.

22-Apr-2009, 09:27
I didn't do it but the Ansco I bought came modfied. From looking at it all that was done was somebody took a sharp chisel and shaved it down. It didn't bother the camera any. I wouldn't call the person who did it a fine woodworker either. The job was very basic but worked just fine.

23-Apr-2009, 01:08
Thanks for your help.

nn :)