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Santo Roman
21-Apr-2009, 22:45
I saw it on a previous thread, just can't find it now. Wanted to know if they made a graflok style back for the Tachi that can rotate from horz to vert? Someone mentioned a possible aftermarket piece.


Gem Singer
22-Apr-2009, 06:51
The Tachihara cameras are not equipped with an international back. That particular type of back uses Graphlok-type sliding latches in order to enable the camera to accept a roll film holder (Horseman, Toyo, etc.). This also requires the removal of the ground glass section after composing and focusing, in order to utilize the roll film holder.

However, the Tachihara cameras have two sliding levers, located on the top corners of the camera back, that enable the operator to completely remove the back of the camera and turn the back from vertical to horizontal, or horizontal to vertical. These levers are not Graphlok sliders. The back is reversible, not rotatable.

Adding the ability to use Graphlok sliders to hold a roll film back, would require the fabrication of an entire new back section for the camera. This expensive modification can be avoided by utilizing a Calumet C-2 roll film holder that slides under the ground glass, similar to a standard cut film holder.

Santo Roman
22-Apr-2009, 07:40
Thanks Gem. I still looking at the Tachi as my new setup but i think I can live with the having to take the back off to switch from horz to vert. Just so use to my toyo view that is able to rotate. Thanks Again.


kev curry
22-Apr-2009, 08:19
Santo, I would be surprised if you found the design of the back on the Tachihara a problem. I always find it user friendly and it only takes a few seconds to change the orientation:)

Rick Moore
22-Apr-2009, 09:27
I once saw a Graflok back made by Wista that fit a Tachihara 4x5. I don't know if this was a rare item or not. Bob?

Brian Ellis
22-Apr-2009, 10:56
The type of back has no effect on whether you can rotate the back from horizontal to vertical, only on how you do it. But the fact that the Tachi doesn't use a Graflok back will limit your choice in roll film holders if you plan to use them. The only roll film holder I know of that works on a Tachihara (I've owned two Tachis) is the one sold by Calumet. All the others that I know of require that the camera have a Graflok back.

I've owned cameras with backs that rotate on the camera (e.g. Linhof Technikas) and cameras that require you to remove, turn, and replace them (e.g. Tachi, Deardorff, et al). I've never found a dime's worth of difference in terms of simplicity or time. It's so easy to remove and replace the back on a Tachi that I could do it just as fast and easily as I could rotate the back on other cameras.

Santo Roman
23-Apr-2009, 21:30
Thanks Brian. I've always had the option to rotate my back but I think I'll do fine without it.