View Full Version : Schneider Digitar image circles?

Mike Davis
31-Aug-2001, 08:56

Schneider's specs show these image circle diameters for the following lenses:

Digitar 2.8/28mm 60mm Digitar 5.6/47mm 80mm Digitar 4.0/60mm 67mm Digitar 4.0/80mm 90mm Digitar 4.5/90mm 100mm

Their page does NOT specify at what aperture these specs were taken. I've heard these lenses can cover 4x5 (if not allow displacement).

What's the real story? What diameters can I expect at f/22?


Mike Davis

31-Aug-2001, 09:43

try this link !

Bob Salomon
31-Aug-2001, 10:37
They are at f11.

Like the Rodenstock Digital lenses they are calculated for use at larger openings and not for use at 22 like a view camera lens.

Steve Clark
31-Aug-2001, 22:10
Bob, are they also calculated to be sharper at wider apertures than at say, F/22 as many view camera are?

Steve Clark
31-Aug-2001, 22:13
Oops, forgot to add "lenses" to the above post.

Masayoshi Hayashi
10-Nov-2001, 21:17
Just an additional info....

Page 4 of this Schneider Digitar pdf file (http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/pdf/foto/digitar.pdf) answers some of your questions.