View Full Version : need appraisal for Deardorf 8x10

20-Apr-2009, 16:15
We are downsizing our family studio. The beloved Deardorff, 8x10, has to go. Looking for a knowledgeable soul to price it. Any Suggestions?

Eric Woodbury
20-Apr-2009, 16:29
A beautiful show piece. Gorgeous. No idea what it is worth.

Deane Johnson
20-Apr-2009, 16:30
I suspect it's worth more as a collector item than a camera. Just a thought. Might be a bit tough backpacking with it.

Michael Kadillak
20-Apr-2009, 16:43
In my opinion it is about what the market will bear as all you need is one person that has been looking for what you want to sell. I surely would not concern myself with an appraiser. As a first pass I would make some nice images of the camera like you have already made and post some free adds on the net and see what happens.

That said the market for studio cameras of any make is small even when things were good in the economy. If you can get anywhere near what you think it is worth, jump at it. All you need to do is find someone that wants to do Old West Portraits in a tourist town and you will be gold.

20-Apr-2009, 16:53
A Deardorff V8 field camera normally sells for $1000-$2000 depending on accessories and condition. You've got a beautiful studio camera, but because they're so bulky, most sell for very little money. The number of photographers shooting 8x10 studio work and need a big studio camera has dropped to almost nothing. I agree that someone interested in collecting would find it attractive. The Deardorff name and great condition will add to the value, but shipping will be an impediment. Where are you located? This is a good place to sell it if you can find someone near you. I'd be tempted to make an offer if you're nearby. :)

Nathan Potter
20-Apr-2009, 19:45
It'll be in the collectable category as Barry alluded to. Unless you are lucky and find the right buyer expect maybe $1500.00 at the high end. Uses are really limited. The best bet is to market nation wide for the largest audience.

May be that the best sale opportunity is as a prop for movie studio, advertising agency or high end restaurant.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

20-Apr-2009, 21:13
....... but shipping will be an impediment......
More than once I have been prepared to place a high bid on something difficult to ship, but didn't because the seller only wanted a "local pickup". I would have been more than happy to pay all freight and packing costs, but the seller just didn't want to take the time to pack it.

So if you want the highest price, be prepared to disassemble the camera somewhat and crate it up--then you'll attract photographers nationwide.

Kirk Fry
20-Apr-2009, 22:10
Is that a soft focus portrait lens on it? That has real value these days......


Brian Ellis
21-Apr-2009, 20:01
As Kirk suggests, the lens may be worth something. I don't think the camera is. Except for the lens possibility, I'd be amazed if you could get $1500 or anything close to it for the camera. I'm not sure that if you put it on ebay you'd get any bids at all because the shipping cost is likely to be more than anyone wants to pay for the camera. Your only hope of gettng a decent price IMHO - say $300 - $500 tops would be if someone who happens to be near you wants it as a decorative item for their studio or possibly even a den or something like that in their home. But if it has to be shipped I just don't see anyone wanting to pay both the shipping cost and a decent purchase price. I don't think there's really a "collector's market" for studio Deardorffs, there were too many of them made and wood LF cameras in general aren't really collector's items. But it does have some possible appeal as a decorative item, if you can find the right person and deal with the cost of getting it to him or her. Just not $1500 worth of appeal or anything close to it IMHO (setting the lens aside).

Lynn Jones
22-Apr-2009, 11:33
Hi Elan,

With this camera in this condition and camera stand, as is, it should be worth $1500 to $2,000 to a collector. I can't tell what the lens is but the shutter is Ilex and the lens is probably a 14" Ektar or possibly a portrait soft focus lens made by either Kodak or Wollensak. The lens would be worth a couple of hundred bucks itself.

I gave one away exactly like this to a friend who really wanted it and I didn't have room for it.