View Full Version : Help urgently needed - Fomapan 100 8x10"

20-Apr-2009, 10:52
Hi everyone,

that might be a dumb question but anyway:
I just tried to load my film holders with Fomapan 100 but I canīt feel any notches on the sheets...
How do you know which side is which? :confused:
Which side is the emulsion side? :confused:

Any hints much appreciated.

20-Apr-2009, 11:19
That's happened to me with efke films. You're skin will stick to the emulsion side when you pinch film between your fingers. If not, lick your fingers first. You may leave marks on one sheet but at least you'll know after that. Don't forget to mark the box with which side is up after that.

20-Apr-2009, 11:46
It will cost you one sheet, but you can take one sheet out, keeping it orientated the same way as you removed it from the bag/box...thus you can find out how the film was loaded (which way the emulsion is facing) into the bag/box.


20-Apr-2009, 12:18
Thank you very much!

Gene McCluney
20-Apr-2009, 12:55
I have found that some Foma sheet film has a very very tiny "notch". You can almost not feel it, but you "can" feel it with a little practice. It is almost as if their notch punch drifts out of alignment from time to time.

Richard Littlewood
20-Apr-2009, 14:05
Strange, because on 5x4 the notch is a great big half circle.

Gene McCluney
20-Apr-2009, 16:38
Strange, because on 5x4 the notch is a great big half circle.

On the 5x7 size I use the most (in about 1000 sheets) I have found it to vary from a nice half circle to just the smallest of indentations-almost nonexistent.