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steve barry
19-Apr-2009, 17:04
I received a nikkor 150mm SW lens the other day. I can feel a small amount (less than 1mm) of play when i hold the front cell in one hand and the rear cell in the other and twist. the front cell and shutter speed selection ring is what is moving. I can see the shutter speed numbers move when i twist the front cell, but it does not go any further into the shutter.

it is very minute and does not affect operation (from what i can tell), it is never the less worrisome to me and I would like to remove the play. I have used the lens on two outings now and i do not notice it at all. Do you think it is likely to worsen or should I just forget about it and continue on? The person who sold me the lens said he had the shutter replaced with a new one a short while ago. Seller says it was never like this, or he did not notice it. Seems honest and I have his name and he is a working photographer. I mounted the lens myself in a sinar board, and everything mounted with no problems. The play is there in or out of the board. Any suggestions other than send it in for repair? Thanks.

Gem Singer
19-Apr-2009, 17:30
Didn't we try to solve the identical situation for another member of this forum yesterday?

The Nikkor 150 SW is a huge piece of glass. It has large diameter front and rear elements mounted in a relatively small Copal 1 shutter. Therefore, there is a great amount of torque leverage when screwing the front and back elements in or out of the shutter.

A normal shutter should not display rotational play when the lens elements are completely screwed in. Certainly, the shutter speed dial should not move, as you describe.

Your shutter needs the attention of an experienced repair person.

steve barry
19-Apr-2009, 18:48
yes Gem, about the other post yesterday. I posted there as well, but since the OP had decided to return the lens, I figured I would start a new thread.

OK, I will arrange for lens to be inspected by repair person. thanks.