View Full Version : Arista 200 Edu Ultra and PMK

19-Apr-2009, 14:34
I'm shooting 8x10 arista 200 edu ultra and developing in d-76/hc-110 in trays currently, but I just ordered some PMK (I'm making the jump), but I can't seem to find a solid developing time for the film in a tray.


Drew Wiley
19-Apr-2009, 15:10
I'm still on a learning curve myself with this film, but for me, 7 min at 20C gives me
a decent "N" density range with standard dilution PMK. I shuffle through the film once per thirty seconds in an overize tray. One change in procedure I have successfully made is to develop only three sheets of 8x10 film at a time, due to the
susceptibility of this film to scratch. Seems to be working.