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Paul O
19-Apr-2009, 06:17
Just thought I'd pick the brains of anyone on this forum!
I've just developed a couple of rolls of 120 roll film from a Horseman 6x12 film back. Film was Ilford Delta 100 (fresh) and exposure was fine. Film was souped in FX39 (diluted 1+9). majority of films were fine ... However, on two of the films having removed them from the wash I noticed what appeared to be cloudy/milky streaks running lengthways along some frames and into space between frames - on drying thses streaks have taken on a definite "yellow/brown" stain! However, a quick scan and the negs show no adverse effects? Any sggestions as to possible cause? I'm thinking "chemical contamination" as I had been developing a load of 120 films during this run and although my hands were dry could they still have contaminated the films with chemical residue? BTW, when loading 120 roll film I am very "tactile" :cool: I tend to feed the film onto the spiral and don't worry too much about excessive skin contact :o The staining is not regular and runs across the central parts of the roll of film. Any suggestions? TIA.

Jim Michael
19-Apr-2009, 08:00
Did you try sending through the fix again?

Gem Singer
19-Apr-2009, 08:04
"Cloudy/milky streaks"

Sounds like inadequate fixing.

Try putting the frames with the streaks into a mix of fresh fixer and see if the problem disappears.

Gem Singer
19-Apr-2009, 08:05
Jim Mitchell types faster than me.

Paul O
19-Apr-2009, 10:13
Doh :o
Sorted it! Many thanks!