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17-Apr-2009, 14:50
I'm looking for a 75mm lens for my Gran View point and shoot. Price is a major factor...as in I want to go as cheap as I can.

The camera allows for a bit of rise and fall, but even so, coverage is not a priority. I just need something that will cover 4x5 and perform reasonably well.

Two lenses I've been shopping are the Super Angulon 75mm f8 and the Grandagon 75mm f6.8. Is there any particular reason to favor one of these lenses above the other?
Are there other alternatives you would suggest?


Eric Woodbury
17-Apr-2009, 16:31
Consider the Fujinon. Some movement. Watch KEH for deal.

17-Apr-2009, 16:46
Both are good lenses, I have the 75mm SA and the 115mm Grandagon and see no diference in sharpness between them.

I you want to continue with 4x5 I would buy a good one that you can use on your next 4x5 aswell.
A 75mm is a wonderfull lens for interiors, it computes to a 25mm on 35mm.


Ron Marshall
17-Apr-2009, 17:34
KEH has a Caltar II-N 75mm f6.8 (Rodenstock) for $399.

17-Apr-2009, 19:40
I have the Caltar version of the Rodenstock 75 mm f6.8 and it is very sharp. It is a bear to focus though but I understand that is true for all similar 75 mm lenses. If the KEH lens is in good shape, $399 seems like a very good price. 75mm is very wide though and I only use mine occasionally.

17-Apr-2009, 21:22
I did notice the caltar 75mm. I might go that high, but I'm bargain shopping a bit first. I do get lucky by being patient sometimes.

18-Apr-2009, 15:17
I have a lovely 75mm Super Angulon...older chrome model in a Synchro-Compur. It is an amazing little lens. A little wide for me though. I usually prefer the 90mm.

Gene McCluney
18-Apr-2009, 21:32
For a time in the 1960-1970's. Komura made a line of specialty large-format lenses. One of these was a rather decent 75mm lens which covers 4x5. If you can find one of these (I have one, so its not hard), they are a decent economical 75mm choice. They come in either a Copal or Seikosha brand shutter.

Steve M Hostetter
19-Apr-2009, 11:28
I did notice the caltar 75mm. I might go that high, but I'm bargain shopping a bit first. I do get lucky by being patient sometimes.

Go to Jack's camera and you'll see what a deal $399.00 is ,,, They have a Nikkor 75mm 4.5 SW for $695.00

20-Apr-2009, 00:07
I have Nikkor 75mm 4.5 SW. Super sharp, Color a bit cool by compare with my 90mm SA. After Nikon stop LF lenses production, price seem go up. $695 is reasonable if in mint- condition.

20-Apr-2009, 20:14
I just bought the Super-W-Komura 75 mm, and waiting for a good day to take the lens out. This weekend is sounding promising, here in Toronto. I picked it up for under $200 Canadian. This wide and at that price, might as well.