View Full Version : 11"/6,5 Dallmeyer Dallon

17-Apr-2009, 08:35
Is on its way to me. I was told it is from the twenties and it should cover 13X18. I don't believe the coverage should be more than max 4X5 if even that. the Vademecum says 3,?X4,?somethingish.
Can any of you tell me more? what can I expect?
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18-Apr-2009, 11:11
Anyone? Anything? Just Something? No? Hmm :(

Martin Courtenay-Blake
20-Apr-2009, 11:09
Hi Soeren

The angle of coverage for the Dallon is listed at 30degrees (Cox) so diagonal coverage about 5.9inches (approx 150mm). This would just cover the old 3.1/2in x 4.1/2in plate size but not 5 x 4.



20-Apr-2009, 22:06
Now the question is Cover = light out? :) So it will vignette on 4X5"?
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Martin Courtenay-Blake
22-Apr-2009, 12:21
From what I have worked out looking at other lenses listed in his book Cox tends to state useable coverage.....but I wouldn't bet on it.

Cheers Martin

22-Apr-2009, 21:54
Hmm the original data suggests 3½X4½ soo.................... Preliminery looks reveals no vignetting but I have to mount it properly and do a shot or two now I have recieved it.
Now back to the hunt for a Patent portrait and/or a Darlot ;)
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