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14-Apr-2009, 12:10
In my attempts to get into large format I bought a Calumet 400 series 4x5.

It is a pretty camera in fairly good condition cosmetically. However, as I delved a bit deeper into it, it never seemed to look like pictures of other ones. So I "fixed" it by flipping the standards so that the knobs were on the same side like all the other ones :) All I needed was the end cap for the rail and a couple dark cloth clips and I was in business :)

I have since received another one and side by side it was obvious what I had.

Someone took the wide angle I guess 402 model, and replaced the rail with the longer rail of the standard one, as well as the standard bellows. So apparently I didn't really fix anything, but rather I further de-wideangled a perfectly well designed wide angle camera :)

What I would like to do, since I now have a perfectly good regular old cc-400, is restore this one to how it should have originally been configured. Anyone have suggestions on this or ideas where I may find some parts?

Kirk Gittings
14-Apr-2009, 12:18
Calumet has the WA bellows and most of the parts. the long rail can simply be cut down.

14-Apr-2009, 12:37
I am pretty sure the last time I called them for parts I got laughed at with some explanation as to how old these models were and why I should think that they would still inventory the parts.

However, Kirk, I will try again.

Kirk Gittings
14-Apr-2009, 13:07
I used a Widefield for many years as my commercial camera-up till 2.5 years ago. The usual parts that break are the back springs. Anyway including new bellows, I never had any problem getting parts from Calumet. You need to call their parts/repair dept. directly.

14-Apr-2009, 13:15
Thanks I will try them.... up until now all I thought I needed was an end cap for a rail, now all the sudden I need a bellows and such...

I just saw the prices they have on their new bellows, and am guessing this will be comparable. :( Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, I don't have enough into this camera to justify an outlay of $400 for a new bellows.

Perhaps it may be in my best interest to either use this one as-is and hope to find an end cap for the rail (I do get a little over zealous at times and want to focus the camera right off the rail :D ), or shelf it and wait until someone is looking for parts for the WA.

I guess the recessed front standard don't take away too much draw, especially once I flipped the standards back to 400 configuration.

14-Apr-2009, 14:56
I have a CC-402 I could be talked out of. Its as originally configured with good bellows, springs, etc...

15-Apr-2009, 12:05
Define "talked out of" :)

15-Apr-2009, 12:32
I sent you a PM.