View Full Version : 6.5x9 sheet film to use on a 4x5?

14-Apr-2009, 09:33
Hi everyone,

is there a reducing adapter that allows using 6.5x9cm sheet film on an international 4x5" back?
Maybe some kind of insert that you slide into a normal Lisco or Fidelity?

I already own a roll film holder but have been offered a few 6.5x9 APX 100 that I would like to use on my Sinar.

I havenīt found anything yet, maybe you can help me.

Any hints much appreciated.

Cheers, Zwicko

Peter K
14-Apr-2009, 10:45
For the Norma a back for single-plate-holders was aviable. So with reducing inserts it was possible to use smaller plates or films. But for double-film-holders 6,5x9cm you will need a reducing back 6,5x9cm too.

15-Apr-2009, 03:27
Thanks Peter,
that seems not to be worth the effort...
I think Iīll stay with my RFH.

Ole Tjugen
15-Apr-2009, 12:33
Get a 9x12cm film holder, and put the film in sideways. A piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the holder to feep the film in place might help.