View Full Version : 180mm for 8x8?

14-Apr-2009, 09:15
I'm looking for some suggestions-
A friend has expressed an interest in a 180mm lens to cover 8"x8"-
but was a bit taken aback by the cost of an Apo Symmar...

Would anyone have any suggestions for an older, cheaper alternative, somewhere around that length? some wiggle room would be good...

He doesn't even have a camera to use it on yet,
but finding out that that he could replicate his favourite focal length on 6x6 might just keep the dream alive...

Many thanks-


14-Apr-2009, 09:39
8x8"? Fuji-w 180mm I guess. It's 80degrees like the rest. So about 300mm of coverage if my math is right. If you can find one it should be cheap.

14-Apr-2009, 09:41
Thank you Nick-
I've got a Fujinon 210mm- like it a lot...

I see we're into checking whether the engraving is inside/outside the barrel-

looks like the older type needed again-
Not all 180mm's are created equal...

14-Apr-2009, 10:52
No the newer ones are a different design. OTOH The old ones are cheaper. Less coating. Some times Seiko shutters. All making them cheaper.

14-Apr-2009, 11:08
I was going by Will Willson's Fujinon page,
which was linked here a while ago-

He reckons the NW has an ic of 280mm,
which would just about do it...

And a single coated W, marked inside filter ring-
has an ic of 305mm, I reckon that would be the one-
basically the same as my older 210, I'd say...

Gem Singer
14-Apr-2009, 12:34
A 180 Nikkor f5.6 W will cover an 8X8 diagonal. That lens has a 253mm image circle.

You should be able to pick up a pristine previously owned one for a very reasonable price.

In fact, I have a Nikkor 180W that i no longer use. If you are seriously interested, Email gemsinger at att dot net.

14-Apr-2009, 14:25
Thanks Gem-

I've measured, and 8x8 has a 288mm diagonal-
I don't know how conservative Nikon's figures are,
but it might appear as if there's little room for wiggle?