View Full Version : APO Raptar

14-Apr-2009, 08:46
Hi All , I got a wollensak 13" APO raptar some time ago from Dagor 77 who claimed it to be an Artar in wollensak clothing. Would just like to know a bit about it i.e. is it an artar formula? How would it be for infinity focus as in landscape? It is F10 the front and rear elements have a blueish/purple sheen in the right light and both elements seem identical, so could this be a symetrical lense?

Dan Fromm
14-Apr-2009, 09:11
Ron, since you have the lens, why don't you ask it what it is?

If it is a dialyte (that's what Artars are), each cell will have four strong reflections and no weak ones. If it is symmetrical, it will be symmetrical; front element and rear element will have the same diameter, ... IIRC, dialytes are separable; if so and the lens is symmetrical the two cells will have the same focal length.