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Phil Hudson
14-Apr-2009, 03:41
Can anyone enlighten me with a cross-section type diagram showing the lens configuration for an early Zeiss Planar 135/3.5 (Linhof)?

I am asking because I am considering getting one recemented, but have been advised to check the glass thickness at the cemented part before going ahead. If one element is quite thin at the cemented join then a different low-temperature method is preferred, apparently. Knowing this in advance would help enormously.

Any pointers/advice much appreciated, thanks.

Peter K
14-Apr-2009, 04:48
The first two lenses of the rear part are cemented. From a picture in a Zeiss/Linhof brochure from 1962 it looks like the cemented surfaces are a concave/plane lens with a plane/convex lens, seen from the front. But this kind of drawings are not very accurate.

Emmanuel BIGLER
14-Apr-2009, 05:58
Hello from France !
Cameraeccentric has a scan of the "Zeiss for your Linhof" view camera commercial brochure with a diagram similar to the one posted by Peter.

The lens diagram is oriented like the lens-photo itself just below i.e. ligth enters from the top.

But otherwise the information seems to be scarce...

By the way :
I am looking fo the similar diagram regarding the 2.8/100 planar covering 6x9, same vintage. The diagram is not listed in the above mentioned brochure.

[going off-topic]
This is just for curiosity. I'd like to know whether the 2.8/100 planar has a diagram similar to the 3.5/135 planar (see the brochure above) or the "modern" Hasselblad 3.5/100
or if it is similar to the 2.8/80 Rolleiflex TLR planar with the cemented doublet in front.

However the following web site
and its English version ;) (???)
has various diagrams for planars including the "2.8/100 for 6x9 cameras"

which seems different from the 2.8/80 Rollei TLR... but roughly similar in shape to the 3.5/75 (another favourite Rollei TLR lens), 3.5/100 and 3.5/135 planars.

Peter K
14-Apr-2009, 07:09
In one of the last flyer "Objektive für die Linhof-Kameras" from 1970, short time later Zeiss ceased the production, three different Planar where shown: f/2,8 80mm, f/2.8 100mm and f/3.5 135 mm. The 135mm is the same I've shown before, but the other focal-lengths are different. Also different as the Rollei lens.

Dan Fromm
14-Apr-2009, 07:51
Possibly of interest:


Arne Croell
14-Apr-2009, 08:12
Possibly of interest:


Yup, those show the most likely lenses covered by Zeiss patents (US 2744447 and 2799207) of the time. Just a note that the approx. 100mm focal length shown there is the standard in optical patent literature - any other focal length is easily calculated by linear extrapolation of all measures (radii, distances, thickness).

Phil Hudson
14-Apr-2009, 09:02
Thanks all for your input - very helpful.

Emmanuel BIGLER
15-Apr-2009, 01:03
Thanks to Dan for pointing to the planar analysis by Eric Beltrando for various planar patents 1956-1957.
Now the real challenge is to find which planar fits which camera and which is which ! Except if Eric knows !
The only information we have in the brochure diagrams may, or may not, eventually help to identify which is the 3.5-75 Rolleiflex TLR model, (the 2.8-100mm Baby Linhof model being a 2.8 is not listed above in Eric's links to 3.5 planars), which is the 3.5-135, and the 3.5-100mm for Hasselblad, etc...

Dan Fromm
15-Apr-2009, 03:14
Emmanuel, Eric has calculated performance of a number of f/2.8 Planar designs, using prescriptions from patents. His listing of lenses isn't fully updated, but I'm sure that in time it will be easy to find these calculations on his site.