View Full Version : Dallmeyer 10" 254mm f8

Edward Kimball
10-Oct-2001, 13:30
I am putting together my first large format outfit and am looking for an inexpen sive lens to use on my CC400. I came across a Dallmeyer 10" 254mm f8 for sale o n ebay. The lens looks in decent shape and the price is low so far. It will be used for portrait and roadside landscape. Is anyone familiar with this len? W hat kind of performance can I expect?

Dean Lastoria
10-Oct-2001, 18:35
I don't know about that one, but alot of Dallmeyers were telephoto's. If it is, it may not cover 4X5 with any movements. I'd ask, or else put in on the camera and bend the bellows and see if the dark circle shows up at the edges. Like I said, I don't know, but my first lens was a tele, and it caused me stress -- where this one might be fine. Dean