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11-Apr-2009, 13:03
Hello large format field camera owners I am in the process of making a backpack for my 11x14 phillips horizontal only camera and Im wondering if others are interested in having a good quality backpack for their large cameras. I was hoping I could get dimensions of other peoples cameras folded up... length, width, and depth, including knobs, and what camera it is. Id also be interested in weight too. Im just curious if the pack I make might fit other cameras, and therefor be useful to others as well. 16x20 cameras Im sure would be too big, but who knows maybe if you are crazy enough to have one you might be crazy enough to want to carry it around?*smile* Thanks for the info

Jim Fitzgerald
11-Apr-2009, 13:44
Brandon, welcome! I applaud your efforts. I have two hand built ULF cameras. My 8x20 is actually 14" x 23" x 5" and currently resides in my REI Mars backpack. The camera weight is about 14 lbs. It is similar to the old Korona panoramic cameras of the past.

My second is my hand built 11x14 which comes in at 18"x 19" x 6" and it weights 16 lbs. I pack this one in an old MEI backpack.

Both cameras are a snug fit and they get the job done. For me the problem has always been getting the right fit. I am 5'6" and 135lbs so when you get a pack big enough for the camera generally the belt adjustments are not enough. I guess the rest of the human race is more... well stout! Being able to adjust the pack and have a great suspension are two important factors. Hope this helps.


12-Apr-2009, 12:00
Thanks for the input Jim, are either of your packs external frame packs?

Jim Fitzgerald
12-Apr-2009, 18:32
Thanks for the input Jim, are either of your packs external frame packs?

No they are both internal. The MEI pack is the most comfortable of the two. It has a place to attach another pack to the outside to increase it's volume. The zippers are the best I've seen. It is a great compact pack.


29-Apr-2009, 05:57
Anyone else, Phillips, Canham owners, Deardorf, Wisner or other handmade cameras, I would love to hear from you, as I am just about to start the designing

Gem Singer
29-Apr-2009, 06:06
Keith Canham has published the dimensions of his cameras on his website.

30-Apr-2009, 20:36
Thanks I will check that out.

John Powers
2-May-2009, 05:40
Dick Phillips' specs for the 7x17 Explorer,
"Folded thickness (including knobs): 21.7" x 12.6" x 4.8""
However I carry mine mounted on the tripod in a Babyjogger.
At 69 I don't have the back for all the gear needed.


Peter Spangenberg
2-May-2009, 06:40
Folded 8x10 Deardorff specs can be found at this link:

4-May-2009, 20:27
Folded Chamonix 8x10 model 810WWA-c is 4.5 x 12.75 x 13.25" (knobs on 13.25 dimension protrude to 14"). Weighs just over 8#.

13-May-2009, 20:24
Thanks for the info everyone, I will keep you posted on the progress of the backpack as I am still designing. It is looking like it will be around 20" wide, by 30 high and 6.5 inches deep. Anyone seriously interested in a backpack for their 11x14/ 12x20 or anything else please feel free to post or pm me with more input.

Sal Santamaura
9-Oct-2009, 11:59
Brandon, I too have a Phillips 11x14 Explorer and would be very interested in your pack, especially if it's external frame and can accommodate 3-4 holders along with the camera and a lens or two. Looking forward to updates on your progress.

10-Oct-2009, 08:35
Have you tried contacting Bruce at Photobackpacker.com? He has a wonderful line of backpacks and cases for cameras and lenses up through 8x10 and may well have done some thinking about designs (maybe even plans?) for larger formats. He has offered to customize some of his existing gear for non-standard purposes when I asked such a possibility of him (project did not come to fruition, couldn't pull it off on my end, but he was ready to try on his end). He is a great resource. No personal connection, just a very satisfied repeat customer (multiple times).

11-Oct-2009, 06:03
Im a chinese, so would you like to check out the Shenhao 7x17 & 8x10 ?
7x17 is a new, weights about 11 lbs, 295x510x135cm according to their website.
8x10 weights just 6 lbs, 11''4' x 10''4' x 5''4' quite odd dimensions in feet......

http://www.shen-hao.com/indexen.html The web.