View Full Version : 180mm symmar-s on 8*10?

11-Apr-2009, 01:25
Had anybody ever tried this combo?
I know the lens is meant for 5*7, but when stopped down,
does it cover 8*10 inch?

Any help would be very much appreciated!



Gene McCluney
11-Apr-2009, 02:09
Even the 210mm Symmar-S is being pushed to cover 8x10.

Peter K
11-Apr-2009, 11:59
The Symmar-S 180mm has an image circle of 252mm at f/22. For 8x10" one needs an image circle of 312mm at least.

11-Apr-2009, 12:11
It will not cover, but image circle specs are often conservative. As Gene mentioned the 210mm Symmar-S will cover 8x10, but Schneider says it only has a image circle of 294mm at f22, go figure.