View Full Version : Recessed board- how deep

9-Apr-2009, 13:07
According to my measurements you need about 18-20mm of recess in your lens board for a SA 90mm lens to clear the side struts of Super Tech V. Is there anyone out there with factual information on this?
I'm trying to get more side and swing movements out of that lens.


Bob Salomon
9-Apr-2009, 13:10
You need the Linhof 001015 lensboard and that has the correct recess for 72 to 150mm lenses on a Technika IV, V and the Master Technikas.

14-Apr-2009, 11:38
Thank you Bob!

Do you know what is the amount of recess?

Bob Salomon
14-Apr-2009, 11:43
The current 001015 "Comfort" board has a recess of 6mm and the shutter mounts directly to the bottom of the recess. There is no spacer inside the recess like older 001015 boards had.

Everyone please note: the current 2009 Linhof price lists has the 001015 as having a 12mm recess. Measuring one from our latest shipment turns out that it is a 6mm recess. So the current Linhof factory price list has the wrong dimension.