View Full Version : Shake the Blix?

9-Apr-2009, 11:57
Here's an odd question for you:

Should you aerate blix like you do bleach? I have been - mixing up a liter and
then transferring it to a 2-liter container and shaking vigoursly for 30
seconds. But is it necessary with blix?


9-Apr-2009, 13:04
The fix won't like it. The bleach part will like it. Hell if I know. How are you processing? A rotary drum will already aerate a fair bit.

9-Apr-2009, 15:02
Thanks for the reply Nick.

I'm processing with a Jobo and had the same thought about the fix/bleach as you. Probably doesn't matter if it's shaken as I mix up enough chemistry for one darkroom session (1 liter lasts the night) and toss any that happens to remain which was less that 100ml last night.