View Full Version : Kodak 4114 in 4X5 ??

9-Apr-2009, 08:54

Does anyone have any experience shooting "Kodak Vericolor internegative film, type 2 4114" in your 4X4?
I saved this film long enough in my fridge and need to use it or loose it . What ISO should I rate it? I read that color, contrast and who knows what will look strange but strange is good. Sometimes wrong is right.

Thanks for the help


Gene McCluney
9-Apr-2009, 09:34
It has been years since I used it, but as I recall, it has a speed similar to fast enlarging paper.

Mark Sampson
9-Apr-2009, 09:35
It's slow, low-contrast and tungsten-balanced. And Kodak replaced it with 4325 film before I-neg went away for good. Try EI 12 plus an 85B filter in daylight.