View Full Version : Fuji A 240 experiences?

Gary Albertson
27-Aug-2001, 12:18
Hello, I have been looking at two lenses, the Caltar II "E" 210 6.8(a previousl y posted question) and the Fuji 240 A. The Fuji's specs are quite sufficient, love the 52mm filter size, and its weight is perfect for the backpack...any pros and cons about this lens, its sharpness, its contrastiness? Thanks *

Kerry L. Thalmann
27-Aug-2001, 12:41

I use the Fuji 240mm A for both backpacking and general purpose use. It's one f antastic little lens. For more of my thoughts on this lens see:




This second link also contains info on some other lightweight lenses in the 135m m - 240mm range. You might want to also check out my comments on the 200mm Nikk or M. It's a wonderfully light little lens for backpacking. When I carry a fou r lens set while backpacking it consists of: 90mm WA Congo, 135mm APO Sironar-N, 200mm Nikkor M and 300mm Nikkor M. When I want to go REALLY light, I carry thr ee lenses: 90mm WA Congo, 150mm f6.3 Fujinon W and 240mm Fujinon A.


William Marderness
27-Aug-2001, 15:12
I used the Fuji 240 A, but replaced it with a 240 G-claron, which has more coverage. For 4x5, this won't be an issue and is a very nice choice.

I have also tried the Caltar 210 II E, and compared it to a Sironar S 210. I could see that the Sironar S was sharper just by looking at the ground glass with a lupe. I would pass on the 210 II E and go for the Fuji.

Robert A. Zeichner
27-Aug-2001, 20:16
This is an apochromatic lens that covers 8x10. Coupled with its small size and convenient filter diameter, it's hard to beat. One of my favorite lenses.

Jim Galli
27-Aug-2001, 20:47
Get the little 240 f9A by all means if you can afford it. It's in a whole different class than the 210E. I'm enjoying some of the sharpest negs I've ever made with mine. Truly a joy to use. J